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Liminal Letters

An insight into my life as an editor

‘A letter is a good way to go somewhere without
moving anything but your heart’ – Phyllis Theroux

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The last thing you want is to sign up to another newsletter so that someone can market themselves at you. I get that. And that’s not what these letters are about. I just want to write to you about the perks and challenges of running an editorial business – as though I’m writing to a friend.

‘Thanks for the good content and friendly conversation you provide. I always look forward to reading what you share’ 

‘I love reading your letters. I find them so inspirational and I hope you continue to keep posting and sending them.’ 

‘Thank you for your fab newsletters and information – I look forward to receiving them! I love your writing style.’ 

‘Thanks for being so transparent about what it’s like to run your own editing business!’

Roughly once a month, I send out a Liminal Letter, sharing a more personal perspective than I do on the blog. I write about my continued efforts to cultivate a creative and meaningful life – as an editor, a business owner, a traveller, and a homely soul.

And though I write about my thoughts and experiences, I hope you’ll see a little bit of yourself reflected back. And if there are any Liminal Pages special offers to be had, you’ll be the first to know, too.

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