The Chronicles

A Light in the Darkness: Why We Love Dystopian Fiction

We can’t know the future, but it can be thrilling to speculate about it. Expanding population, climate change, technological advancement, corrupt governments, divided social classes … Follow the trajectory of any one of these current issues and it’s not hard [...]

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How to Write a Synopsis – Everything You Need to Know

A synopsis is a one-page summary of your novel, used to demonstrate your story-crafting skills to a literary agent (or publisher). Most publishers don’t accept manuscript submissions directly from authors, so if you’d like to follow the traditional route to [...]

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How to Write Conflict Without a Villain – Lessons from The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Every novel needs conflict, and every novel needs antagonistic forces. But this doesn't mean you need a villain (a person who actively sets out to thwart the hero). No; conflict, challenge and opposition can come from all kinds of places, [...]

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Editors, Your Website Doesn’t Find You Clients

If you want to market your editing or proofreading business, you need a website. But simply having a website isn’t enough. After all, people still need to find your website. Not linking your website to your wider marketing strategies would [...]

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Don’t Let Your Ego Ruin Your Business

I run my own business. I employ myself – and no one else. I want my business to reflect my personality and values. To me, it’s important I connect emotionally with my clients. But I don’t want my sense of [...]

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