22 08, 2014

Too Much Information – Are You Over-Explaining in Your Writing?

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I see so many writers commit this writing sin: over-explaining. They tell their reader every detail, elbow in every piece of back-story, unravel every intricacy of the plot. It’s my job to make sure the reader knows what’s going on, they think. It’s [...]

8 08, 2014

One Crucial Thing You Probably Didn’t Realise About Point of View

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Point of view. POV. It’s one of those terms you see crop up time and time again in writing syllabuses, how-to guides, books on the craft … You know what POV is (it’s the perspective from which your story is [...]

9 04, 2014

The One Thing That Will Transform Your Writing from Good to GREAT

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Okay, I know you’re sceptical that a single thing that can significantly improve your writing … But seriously, if you focus on this one aspect, you will inject your writing with vigour and originality. Master this tool in your writing [...]

27 08, 2013

Working Out Your Budget and Earnings as a Self-Publisher

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Trying to figure out how much you're likely to earn as a self-published author is a very tricky topic. Unless you're publishing solely for the pleasure of sending your words out into the world, it's likely that you'll want to [...]

8 08, 2013

Self-Publishing Essentials: How to Know if Your Book is Any Good

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The first essential step in becoming a successfully published author (self-published or otherwise) is to write a good book. It’s pretty obvious, really. But what constitutes a good book? We could debate this until the cows come home (from wherever [...]

23 06, 2013

5 Steps to Go From Short Story to Novel Writing

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It's useful to build your storytelling muscle by writing short stories before you attempt to write a novel. A lot of novelist start out this way. But writing a novel is very different from writing a short story, so once you've flexed [...]

16 06, 2013

The Difference Between Short Story and Novel Writing

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Many writers start with short stories before they move onto novel writing. Kind of a walk-before-you-can-run thing. Short stories are great to start with because they take less time to write and usually require a less complicated structure, letting you develop [...]

2 06, 2013

Alternative Ways to Achieve the Benefits of a Creative Writing MA

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A few years ago, I completed a masters' degree in creative writing from Royal Holloway, University of London. It was a fantastic experience, but an expensive one, too. Here's my take on the main benefits of the MA, and alternative ways you [...]