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Great! You’ve finished writing your novel and you’re ready to start along the path to publication. You feel your book is ready for the next step in the process: working with an editor.

Work with me …

… if you’re planning to self-publish: I define successful self-publishing as selling lots of books and gaining lots of good reviews. A poorly edited novel will distract your reader from your story – and make them annoyed they’ve bought a sub-quality book. But if your story isn’t great in the first place, no amount of editing will help – which is why you need to publish brilliant stories that are meticulously edited. I offer several services (see below) that will help you achieve just that.

… if you’re planning to traditionally publish: It’s no lie that traditional publishing is incredibly competitive. But signing with an agent and landing a publisher is more than just a game of luck and numbers. Agents and publishers want unforgettable stories with strong voices – ideally, with brilliantly written prose that’s practically ready to publish. I can help you improve both your story and your prose (as well as assist you with your submission materials – your query letter and synopsis) to give you the best shot at success.

Editorial services for authors

There are two ingredients for publishable-quality books that sell lots of copies and attract good reviews: a good story well told and proper editing. Liminal Pages offers a range of services to help you with both.

Specialising in fantasy, sci-fi and speculative fiction

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, speculative fiction is any fiction with supernatural, fantastical or futuristic elements. I’m also good with YA and literary fiction. Some of my favourite sub-genres include apocalyptic, dystopian and magical realism. As a specialist in these genres, I can offer you more insightful feedback.

Before we work together …

Please make sure you fully understand your chosen route to publication and how an editor can help you along that path. Read this post on my blog: Everything You Need to Know About Finding and Hiring a Freelance Book Editor.


How far in advance should I book you in?

My schedule can get pretty busy. Sometimes I’ll have availability to start on your project right away, but more often than not I’ll be booked up months in advance. Get in touch with me as soon as your manuscript is ready and we’ll work something out.

Do you work with clients outside the UK?

Yes. Please let me know the nationality of your intended readership in your enquiry. Keep in mind I don’t normally work with authors whose first language isn’t English as this often requires a different set of skills. 

Can you help me find a publisher?

No, I’m afraid not. You’ll need to work with a literary agent for that.

I’ve just signed a book deal. Can we still work together?

Absolutely. Just ask your publisher if I can be your editor. It’s common for authors to ask for a particular editor that they like. (And congratulations on the book deal!)

I’m an aspiring writer – can you give me some advice?

I offer lots of free advice on my blog, so check that out. If your aim is to be a published writer, I also highly recommend you read Write to Be Published by Nicola Morgan.

Can I give you a call or meet up in person to chat about my book?

I’d rather you didn’t – not because I don’t want to talk to you, but because it’s likely I’ll be immersed in another person’s manuscript. Plus, I think it’s much more useful to have a written record of our conversation to refer to, so email is always best.

But how will I know if you’re the right editor for me?

Every editor works (and edits) differently, so it’s important to find a good match between author and editor. But just because we don’t chat on the phone or meet face to face, it doesn’t mean we can’t get a feel for whether we’ll work well together. Firstly, if you like what I say on this website, that’s a good sign. Then we can chat a little over email. All of this should be enough for you to decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Okay, but can I have a sample edit?

No problem. If I think we’re going to be a good match for each other, I’ll happily provide a free 500-word sample edit for line and copy-editing. This will give you a feel for the kinds of edits I might make on your manuscript and will help you decide if I’m the right editor for you. For my other services, it’s impossible to give samples, so I recommend simply reading the information on this site carefully and getting in touch if you have any specific questions.

So, which service floats your boat?

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Client interviews

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Self-Editing-Your-Novel-Guide‘Self-Editing Your Novel’ – FREE DOWNLOAD

We both want the same thing: for you to write the best book possible. Before working with an editor, it’s crucial that you’ve drafted your manuscript to the best of your ability.

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