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You know what you meant when you wrote that paragraph, but will your readers? Will they stumble over awkward sentences or misinterpret ambiguous phrases? Is your grammar and punctuation up to scratch? Here, let me take care of those parenthetical commas and dangling modifiers for you.

Much more than typo-catching

Editing (line editing/copy-editing) offers a deeper level of editorial suggestion than proofreading. When I edit your manuscript, I’ll not only address errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but I’ll also take a look at the style, usage and layout of the text. In short, I’ll make sure your writing is:

  • Coherent and consistent
  • Expressed clearly
  • Appropriate in style and tone
  • Targeted at your intended reader
  • Logical and artful in the way it flows

Your words, your story – amplified

I will not re-write your book according to my own preferences. Your book and your writing remain completely your own. I aim to improve your writing while respecting your voice and creative intention so that nothing stands between your story and your reader. And as the author, you’re completely free to accept or reject my suggestions, giving you complete creative control. The type of things I’ll address include:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Ambiguous or confusing phrasing
  • Story-based inconsistencies (such as character eye colour)
  • Text-based inconsistencies (such as capitalisation and hyphenation)
  • Word choice, sentence structure and sentence order
  • Basic issues of point of view
  • Basic fact-checking (such as brand name spelling, historic dates, etc.)
  • Standard manuscript formatting

Keep in mind that although I will do my best to catch as many errors and typos as possible, I recommend you also have your manuscript proofread after the editing stage. An editor focuses on improving the writing, whereas a proofreader focuses on polishing the writing.

What you get:

  • An edited manuscript, presented in three formats:
    1. Complete edit: Contains tracked changes and comments
    2. Commentary edit: Changes have been implemented, leaving only comment boxes for easier reference
    3. Clean edit: Changes have been implemented and comment boxes deleted, leaving just the fully edited manuscript
  • A style sheet (an easy-to-follow and quick-to-reference document that has all of the most important stylistic editorial decisions in one place)
  • One follow-up email with any queries about the editing, submitted within one month. (Note: requests for further editing will have to be treated as a new project.)

Want a free sample edit?

If I think your manuscript sounds like a good fit for my skills, I’d be happy to provide you with a free sample edit of 500 words. This is enough to give you a feel for the kinds of edits I might make on your manuscript and will help you decide if I’m the right editor for you. I will use Tracked Changes and comments in Word to conduct the editing, so you should be familiar with these features.

Tip: Click here to download my free PDF guide ‘Self-Editing Your Novel’ – because the better shape your manuscript is in, the less it will cost you to have it edited.

Sophie Playle is my go-to copy-editor for both my own books and for those written by clients who contact me for proofreading services but whom I feel need a deeper level of intervention. Sophie edits with a gentle but meticulous hand – adding sparkle to a writer’s words without damaging their authorial voice. Highly recommended.
Louise Harnby
Both stylistically and technically your observations and suggestions were superb. An excellent, comprehensive job – I shall certainly use your services again!
Henry Layte
I’m really glad I chose you to edit this project. Your feedback blows out of the water what I received from my last editor!
Meg Cowley
Thanks so much for the fantastic job you’ve done. You have dark arts! My story reads so much better now … I’d call it seamless copy-editing, but it’s more like a MIGHTY feat of invisible mending.
Tash Bell
As a writer, working with you has been the best thing that’s happened to me … I want to add my relief and happiness that you ‘got’ what I was trying to do; you didn’t just edit the words; you understood the concepts and your feedback helped me to tighten everything up and make it so much better, both in terms of subtext and style.
Gina Maya

Interested? Contact me for a no-obligation quote.