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Not yet ready for a full manuscript critique or a complete edit? Send me your synopsis and first 5,000 words, and I’ll give you general feedback on your plot and detailed feedback on your writing – so you can redraft with confidence and direction.

An all-round assessment

By analysing your synopsis (which should be no more than two pages), I can give you feedback on your plot and prompt you to think about ways of addressing any issues. By looking at your first 5,000 words, I can assess the opening of your novel and give you suggestions on how to improve it, and I can also highlight ways you could hone your writing style. I’ll also edit a 500-word section of your writing so you can see the exact ways you could improve your sentences.

Apply what you learn

After an intensive mini edit, you’ll be armed with knowledge and ideas on how to improve your manuscript – at both a macro and micro level. You might decide you need to recalibrate your story or restructure your plot. Then you can focus on improving your writing style, grammar and punctuation.

What you get:

  • A three-page (minimum) PDF report on potential issues with your plot, opening and writing style with suggestions for improvement
  • Specific feedback on the story crafting elements your first 5,000 words, presented as comments in Word
  • A detailed copy-edit of a 500-word section of your writing sample, conducted using Track Changes and the comments feature of Word, with advice on how to fix your most common punctuation/grammar issues by yourself

And, of course, the confidence to move forward with your draft.


Interested? Get in touch to enquire about my availability.