Roundup: Things You Can Do (Bookish People Edition)

A lot of people, myself included, are feeling extremely saddened, angry and frightened by the election results this week. If you’re an American who is feeling especially afraid right now, my heart goes out to you. I hope things will be okay for you. I really do.

It can be depressing to feel so powerless in this times, but as I said in the latest Liminal Letter, goodness isn’t something only leaders can wield. We may not have the power to pass laws in congress, but we do have the power to do everyday acts of kindness. And they add up.

There have been some wonderful online responses to what’s been going on, responses that contain some great advice. Here are a few of my favourite pieces, which you should definitely check out.

Mourn, Then Get Mad, Then Get Busy – Terribleminds

Make art. Some folks suggested to me that there’s more important shit going on, and that art is, I dunno, some glib luxury, but it’s not. Art can be protest. Stories change the world. Music, theater, visual art, novels, poetry, it can all be subversive, it can all add value. And it has personal value. It can be therapeutic. It can be a way to express your ideas. Make art. Art harder.

What You Can Do: 6 Volunteer Ideas for Bookish Citizens – BookRiot

There are  many ways to get involved in your local community and create change on both a personal and worldwide scale. Your love of books and your passion for reading are tools you can use to make change.

Being Kind: Coopetition versus Competition – LibroEditing

I see a lot of people and industries that seem afraid of bonding with their competitors to offer more to customers; who see everyone in their line of business as a threat. I’m not saying that there’s more than enough work to go round; what I’m saying is that behaving kindly towards your competitors might see you doing better with your business.

9 Real, Actionable Things We Can Do About Trump – Yes and Yes

When we support minority-owned businesses, we’re voting with our dollars. We can also vote with our media habits. When we watch ‘Orange Is The New Black,’ we’re voting for a place in television for trans actors and when we watch ‘Jane The Virgin,’ we’re voting for jobs for Latino actors and tv shows that address issues like abortion and immigration.

Books To See You Through – Jen Campbell (video)

This video is a bit of a hug and a warm blanket for those who need it … In this video I’d like to recommend some books that if you’re feeling sad and angry right now, you might want to pick up.

Look after each other, but look after yourself too.

Sending love.

– Sophie


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