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Should I Ask for Feedback on My Novel While I’m Still Writing It?

Asking for feedback while writing is a tricky thing. Because it takes so long to write a novel, it makes sense that you’d crave some positive feedback to inspire you to keep going. After all, when you’re starting to doubt [...]

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A Light in the Darkness: Why We Love Dystopian Fiction

We can’t know the future, but it can be thrilling to speculate about it. Expanding population, climate change, technological advancement, corrupt governments, divided social classes … Follow the trajectory of any one of these current issues and it’s not hard [...]

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How to Write a Synopsis – Everything You Need to Know

A synopsis is a one-page summary of your novel, used to demonstrate your story-crafting skills to a literary agent (or publisher). Most publishers don’t accept manuscript submissions directly from authors, so if you’d like to follow the traditional route to [...]

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