How do you know when your novel’s ready to be released into the world?

Is your book ready to be self-published, submitted to agents, or read by readers? Sometimes it feels as though there’s always more work to be done. But at some point you know you’re just tinkering, and you’ve got as far as you can get on your own. The next stage is to find another pair of critical eyes.

I help authors take one step closer to publication by helping them make sure their story is solid and their writing is free from niggly grammar, punctuation, spelling and consistency issues – you know, the kind of things that will distract a reader from being fully immersed in your tale.

I do this by providing the following services:


What do all successful novels have in common? A brilliant story.

No amount of editing can fix a bad story. Getting your story right is more important than anything else. A manuscript critique will help you find and address any major issues with your premise, plot, characters, pacing, style, and all manner of big important things.

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Amplify your voice. Polish those sentences. Your writing – at its best.

Line editing makes your writing accessible, consistent and correct. It spruces up a manuscript so you can present it looking spick and span to your reader, without the risk of any embarrassing oversights – like overused sentence constructions, misused words or illogical time jumps.

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Tame your novel-in-progress into a publishable final draft.

Conquer Your Novel is a tutored 8-week online course for fiction writers who want to finish their manuscripts and learn what goes into writing a publishable novel … at a fraction of the cost of an MA while STILL getting personal feedback from an industry professional.

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